How to paste a screenshot or upload image in this forum?

Struggling to paste a screenshot here…how can I do it please

Tapon the 9th icon while editing the post, you can upload the image from there

9th icon is the emoji’s…is there any version or browser setting that I have to take care of? Sorry kind of new to this whole thing…can I email the screenshot?

9th as in here.

Does it make a difference if I am accessing via mobile…I am looKing at the se ribbon but have icons till the keyboard and then emoji icon…dont have the pictures icon

You’ll be having one in the right bottom on mobile version.

Thanks Ishvinder…looks like some challenge with my mobile…the icon is there but it does not do anything when I click on it…let me see how else I can access the community forums.

You can try to open the discussion forum in chrome as desktop mode.

Not sure if the image will upload even now but in the hope it does…question is why am I not apple tonuse the loop where I have defined “i” to append values to a list…if I were to not use a loop and write a direct code and type “0” instead of “i” it works…earlier I thought it was because list size was not defined but by multiplying none with the length of existing list.

You can use for i in range(len(words)-1) : twogram[i] = words[i] + words[i+1]. Using range you can iterate the complete list, and using len(words)-1, you will not get out of bounds exception from using i+1.