How to prepare, study and remember the lectures and materials from the PadhAI course?

Hello Everyone,

I am very beginner to the data science i don’t have an idea or prior knowledge on data science.

Here i am requesting you all can guide me how to remember the stuffs that both lecturers were teaching in this course how i can prepare a plan to study this subject??like need to refer any other materials how can i become good at data science please help me out in this regard
Ur suggestions are most important for me to concentrate more on data science

Thank you

The course will be sufficient for grasping all the fundamental concepts, all you’ll need is to practice on various datasets after course completion.
For supplementary materials, you can refer to the shared books and resources in Resource Master List.


Just wanted to add some more points from a general perspective of a learner as well in addition to what @Ishvinder mentioned,

General points to remember (completely anecdotal):

  1. Treat that it is ok to forget. That is, we tend to forget what we study (not completely) unless we are constantly engaging with material in a physical manner. Therefore it is advised to take handwritten notes (not as a solution to remember permanently but still it helps in organising our thought process by engaging us in physical activity).

  2. Even though we engage in handwritten notes, we again forget what we studied. Therefore, practice spaced repetition of handwritten notes itself. Maybe, say after every two weeks spend some time with the handwritten notes and see how much of the subject can be relatable, connected, and recollected. Else, revisit the Padhai videos again to clarify what seems to be unclear.

  3. To reinforce what we do not want to forget try out to solve exercise problems or Kaggle problems or from any other forum then and there such that it helps in aligning oneself to solve problems by asking questions from what we know. This would encourage oneself to understand the limitation of one’s knowledge about the domain in such a way that it would drive oneself to engage with solving problems eventually adding new knowledge.

  4. Refer the forum and make it a practice such that it eventually becomes a habit. But, a gentle reminder to keep in mind is that it is ok to forget because it is the only way that we continuously improve oneself.