How to search for data science job as a fresher?

I am a M.Sc Data science student in final year despise huge job openning in LinkedIn and other job portal its is not easy to enter data science feild as a fresher.I would be grateful if a tutor would guid me as on how to search job as a fresher in Data science.

I personally have a same feeling that it’s a bit difficult for freshers to even get shortlisted for a DS job. Not sure about the solution to this, but maybe getting in as SDE profile and later changing profile is an option.
Otherwise, there are Startups and SMEs offering Internships and coversions later on. You can try them on Internshala


Just copy and paste the following text on Google search bar… “how to search job as a fresher in Data science.” and you will know what to really do with the given output… I did this and am updating you…