How to split into quartiles in case if the count cannot be divided into 4 equally

say if the count on the sample is 30, how can we divide into four equal parts?

Find 25th, 50th and 75th Percentile of the given data.

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thanks for your reply Sir,
let me further clarify my question, if the size is 20, i can equally divide as 4 buckets with 5 in each bucket
but since the size is 30, can i have 4 buckets with 7 in each bucket and extra 2 in last bucket?

For dividing buckets, you need to have (P25, P50, P75). For them we have a fairly simple generalized formula, please refer to it from the lectures.

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yes, i went thro the video again, got clarified. thanks all for your time and support on this.