How to use detectron2 for dataset of capstone project

im unable to use detectron for capstone project dataset

What’s the problem that you’re facing?

@Ishvinder As an example to show how custom dataset works, an example of balloon dataset is given by the them. so instead of giving their data, i gave my capstone project data. but then it’s showing error (‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘shape’)…i know this is an openCV error and mostly comes when the file path provided is wrong, acc to me the file path is correct

Yes it’s an OpenCV error.
I’m not sure why you’re facing it in your implementation, I would suggest you to use some other libraries for reading image maybe try if that works.

@Ishvinder i’ll be grateful if u can be pls be more specific as im still a noob. And can u give some insight on how to process the annotation file provided

Hi @Rishabh,
It would be better to ask some fellows from the course regarding Capstone, i haven’t been working on it.

@Ishvinder it would be a great help if u can tag someone working on that …please

As suggest in the course, Im using detectron2 for text box detection for capstone proj. I am giving the project data to the balloon example given in detectron2 page. but an error occurs (NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘shape’), which i figured out is a opencv error