I am not receiving emails from Padhai

Hello, I registered for Feb-19 foundations of DS ,initially I received emails but not do not receive any emails , could you plz check. And also confirm the extended date as I checked in forum extended till 1 Sep 20. Earlier when I checked the forum u mentioned that some material will be provided for the future reference. Could you plz inform on that also.

Hi @ferha_jafri,
Are you talking about DL course?

You can check with all the materials regarding the course here: PadhAI DL Resources & Information

Hello , I have joined Foundations of Data Science course in Feb - 20 , and it is valid for 1 year so I want to check it’s extension.

It’s 1 year from the date of your registration.
Please check date on the mail you must have got during registration.

Thanks for your reply I have checked and I did a registration on 29 Jan 19 so that is why could you please check it’s extension so that I can complete it before that , currently there is a lot of work load also due to year end. If possible can it be extended.

As per current discussions, you will be able to access the course till March, we will notify you if it gets extended further.

Thanks for your reply hoping that I will complete by that time as 30% is left for me.

Hello Ishvinder,

Could you please let me know the exact date and is there any extension happening and what is the last date.

Hi, The access to the course will be till May 2021