I wish there was a..._

I wish there were a Whatsapp group of all the PadhAI learners/students of a particular batch. I am sure we can make a wonderful group of curios professionals

If you like this idea, please let me know. @9839147467. I am more than happy to connect.

I have also some openings in my team for analyst role. Someone who is interested and have right skills can reach out to me.

And if there is already such group exists, then please add me.


Ankur Gupta

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Even i want to join, can somebody help

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we can create group ourselves…!

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I also feel the same , some times we get solutions faster. Make sure to use only for Learning

Add me also 8976563062

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Thanks to those who have shown interest.

I have created a small group, just padhai related

Here is the link

If the link shows as plain text, please copy and paste in browser to join the group.

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