ImportError: cannot import name 'Darknet' from 'darknet'


I am working on the object detection part of the capstone project and facing an error
while importing certain libraries .Attached is the screenshot of the error .Please guide

What repo/library are you using for darknet ?

I saw these 3, but not sure if you’re referring to any of these:

I am using the below one:

How do you run it?
The project you shared seems to be old, or I guess you have pasted the wrong link or something, because the project is not in Python at all.

Sorry the previous one was a wrong link and I was using (

It seems that the library you used is not yet complete. Many things are not implemented.
If possible, please file an issue to PyPI to take it down.

You can better use the other 2 libraries that I suggested above.

I have installed darknet but not able to import Darknet …please help

please help in resolving the above issue.