In the histograms

i have small doubt that in graphs
how can we difference of graph exactly 0-4,4-6.what is difference between that 4?
in econome-rate of zareen kahan

Hi @karthik, is your question about whether 4 is included in the left bin or the right bin? In most cases, the preferred choice is to include the absolute value in the right bin, however it is a mere convention and can be done otherwise. please let me know incase I misinterpreted your query.

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Ḥere all the values starting from 0, 0.1,0.2,…upto 3.9 are coming in 0-4 and values starting from 4.0, 4.1,4.2,…till 4.9 lies between 4-6 in your case.

Hope that clarifies…