Is data standardization important for MP neuron and Perceptron

Hello team

i went through all the videos of the MP neuron and Perceptron including the hands on videos. I have corrected my code wrt to the errata published. However, an important step in the data preparation i.e standardization of data has been missed. Is it a miss or did the prof say that it is not required?

i went ahead and did the standardization and got good results in my first run (epoch = 1) but eventually after 1000 epochs and learning rate adjustments, the results were almost similar to what prof got in the videos. Except the weight matrix did not jump from -15000 to 25000 but for me it varied from 40 to -20.

Hence, is standardization important?

Yes, it is an essential part of preprocessing. The similar results are due to the fact that complexity of this dataset is not much. But if you observe the same for fairly complex data, it will vary for sure.

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