Is there any Course for Data analyst ? How data analysis is diffeeent from data science

I want to know about data analyst course ?

Hi @Alok,
No there’s no course on Data Analytics released by PadhAI as of now.

How data analysis different from data science
This is slide from one of the videos in the course which may provide some answer to this question:


Can I do a data science course ? I don’t have any programming or coding knowledge . I had mathematics till 12 th standard .

You need to have atleast some programming experience, or there will be more efforts required from your end in order to learn programming parallely.
We’ll share all the necessary resources for it.

I will try my best as I want to learn it. Please help me and tell me what I am supposed to do ?

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You can get started with the course, as first few modules are theoretical. When the hands-on chapters start, you can ask for the relevant topics that you face any difficulty in understanding.

How can I enroll for the course ?

Please visit