Issue in fetching the data and many new functions in week 11

Dear sir,
As mentioned in the week 11 the direct link to fetch the covid 19 daily data by professor. there was no proper information on how to get this json files for other websites too.

Also as sir mentioned during the video that the functions were discussed earlier (in week 11 video 2), but i havent seen any such content discussed before.
So please let me know if I am missing something or this is normal. As the course pace earlier was good. with proper explanation.


Bro, You are right. I think We need proper information regarding this

Hi @Sunny,
Fetching data from JSON can not be generalized, and requires repetitive thinking for different JSONs.
We can not cover all those examples, but Professor tries to build up this thinking mindset of how to do it for a typical JSON, so that you can try out for others by your own.
Let us know which one have you tried out, and what difficulties are you facing, we’ll definitely help you out. But it should not be any sort of spoonfeeding process.

Dear @Ishvinder,
The purpose of writing this post was not for spoonfeeding. I just wanted to correct what sir said in the video, that’s it. He told in week 11 video 2 many times that it was discussed earlier but i haven’t seen that thing in past. When a non programmer background like me sees the video, he gets confused as when was this discussed?
Nothing else was my motto.

We should also refer to one standard book along with this.