Issue in moving to 2nd week even after completing the 1st week

sir,i done watching all videos and also completed writing all quizes still my 2nd week is not open and video also not marked as done.kindly help me in resolving this and moving forward.

Try re-watching the video you may skip some parts but, wait until the end to get the completed sign on every video. After the completion of every video, it will ask you to select continue to next video or cancel. I hope it helps.

Thanks for Response Ishwariya.! I tried the following ways…
1)watched video completely without skipping in normal speed but didnt work.
2)tried logging for each video didnt work.
3)i also tried the above two in incognite browser still videos not marked done and i am unable to see any popup that u have mentioned

Have you completed the Introduction part without any problem? give it a Try via this link

This is also not working(i am unable to see any pop-up). Kindly help me with the possible solution.

Sorry. You can visit our contact page and mail your query. Thanks.

Thanks Aishwarya…! its working now after i restart my Laptop. Thankful for your efforts.

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