Kaggle invite link

i enrolled myself in deep learning course in february 2020…recently i started the online lectures…but please tell me how to access kaggle competitions …i didn’t receive any links…please help

If you’re accessing the course on GUVI, then please take a look at the activity tab in the last videos of modules, the invite link and additional material will be present there.

I am accessing the course on GUVI. I checked the activity tab but there are no links to the contests. Only some multiple choice questions are there.
Where can I find the links?

The description tab is available only for the videos which have some talks about the kaggle contest, please check the last few videos’ description tab.

I checked and there is no ‘description tab’ or any information on where to find the link.

Goto DL103 -> Advanced Module -> Summary Tab

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Please check this for all the DL course Kaggle contest links DL course 2019 - Kaggle Contest Links

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