Lack of proggramminng skill

I am from Finance (commerce) background i dont have knowledge about programming
can you help me with some basic knownledge on programming


Please don’t worry about how to program. If you look on programers, you relize at first they never program at all, but their desire for programming make them programmer.

I assured you, padhai team have a very good curriculum, and they are teaching programming from basics [not far from basics] . Please go through video and you will python programming .

if you still have question on programming then mark me in your post.

It’s just easy to learn Programming. I recommend you to learn python first. and also learn by doing like some small Projects or Problems.

Hi Safina,

Congrats to you for taking this step in your journey to become a Data Scientist :smiley:.

I understand that the thought of programming might be scary for someone with no prior knowledge, but let me assure you that in our course, we spend a good amount of time working on the basics of python to help build a solid foundational understanding.

That being said, as a young programmer, it is always recommended to try to gather knowledge from multiple sources, so that your learning becomes more robust.

Please check out the links in this post, they might be helpful for you!