Late Content addition in FDS and Validity Extension


I’ve seen some new content being added into the curriculum (which take the total to 20 weeks). If I’m not wrong the validity of my account only lasts till the end of January '21. Now what if some more videos are added by, lets say the end of January and because of this I can’t finish the entire curriculum.

In such a scenario would I be given an extension on the validity of my account?

We will try our best to upload all the videos within this month.
Depending upon how much content students would have covered by Feb’2021, we’ll definitely extend the validity by significant time.

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hello. sir please can you extent the validity of the email :

I have content of 5 week remaining and it took a lot of time as my area does not have good internet. My account is expiring on 29th January 2021

Please just give me 3 more days of validity. please

Hi Aditya

We have extended for 6 months for everyone.
You will be able to access the contents after 29th.

Order # Product Date Expires Status Current Value
Order: OFLPO3539 Foundations of Data Science 01/30/2020 01/29/2021 Complete ₹1,180.00 INR

Hello sir but it is not showing in the my profile section of my account

Sir kindly confirm that I the 6 moth validity of email :

Please ignore that. It has been extended.

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Thank you padhai team !