Libraries not found when run colab on local runtime

I am trying to run google colab on local runtime. However, even after successful connection, the libraries are showing to be not present. What mistake I am making here? Here is the screenshot.

Guys - please don’t close the thread before the original user gives confirmation. Check in 2nd screenshot below where I have installed the packages but still getting additional error. This thread could be useful for someone stumbling across similar issue.

I further resolved this by installing a CPU variant of pytorch. Use the following installation code:
pip install torch1.5.0+cpu torchvision0.6.0+cpu -f --user

Hi @mishramarnath,
You have selected a local runtime while connecting Colab. And these modules are not installed in you local system, so connecting to a cloud hosted runtime will solve the issue.

Duplicate of: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'torch' - Local machine Running issue
Please continue further discussions there if any. Also kindly search before posting.