Linear Regression in FDS course

Is the FDS course done?
In the week 22, M Khapra sir said that the course was completed.
But i guess the topic of " introduction to linear regression" wasnt taken up.
Was it an error from my side? or … is linear regression being dropped from the course?

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Hi @a_anirudh,
The syllabus was revised later on. In order to make it doable, some topics were left out while some more were added.
Week 22 was the final one of all.
Linear Regaression and other topics might get covered in some forthcoming short courses in future.
Hope you can understand.

Okay! Thanks!
Is there any information as of now about the ML course (2nd course in PadhAI one series)?

The dates are tentative as of now, hence we can’t confirm them.
For now, there are a few short courses on Object Detection and other topics scheduled next.
Will update you guys regarding the same soon.

Hi Ishvinder,

But it should have been there in this course no, as it was promised to us. In later batches, you could have changed. LR was one important module due to which me and others joined this course.

Hi @Priyanka,
Yes it was planned earlier, but as the plan said, the syllabus was tentative.
I guess the profs changed it to adjust the timeline of the course.
I hope you enjoyed the DL course midway, note that if you’re comfortable with the topics covered in DL, it becomes fairly easy of a task for you to learn LR and implement it.
Still sorry for the confusion, please feel free to raise this issue in the final feedback form.
We’ll cover LR in forthcoming courses for sure.

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