Link for Deep Learning mobile_cleaned.csv file

Sir I am not able to access the .csv file in the deep learning course. It is showing an error 404 while i am trying to open it. Could you please attach the working link here?

Please refer to this link for any resources related to DL course.

thank you sir. i got it.

Can we get access to the mobile_cleaned.csv file to DL2019 course as well?
The file available at the link mentioned above has shape (109, 40), while the one needed for DL2019 has 300+ rows and 80+ columns as per the corresponding videos.

Please check this link to get the mobile_cleaned.csv

Prem, thanks for the link but this is not the mobile_cleaned.csv file used in DL-2019 course.
This file has only 109 rows and 40 columns same as one mentioned earlier.

Sorry for the confusion. I didn’t realise there are 2 versions of the file. Please check this

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Yes this is the one, Thanks a lot!