Masters opportunities in DS ML AI in India for working professionals

Are there any good masters opportunities in India for people with 2+ years experience working in analytics domain?

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Many IITs have this Part-time MS option which considers working professionals, you may also check the BITS-WILP program.

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I would not recommend BITS or any other random place which we see today which offer online ML/AI course.

from that stand point Guvi is much better than 1 year of course.

but if you are serious about your masters, you can explore IIT Jodhpur And IIT Hyderaba, these are the 2 IITs which offers masters for working professional.

and if you are looking for 1 years PG which is good quality, you can apply for this new PG course which is starting Jan 2021, this is in lead by Srikanth Sir, if you don’t know abt him, you should look at his free video on YouTube or check his course at appliedAi website

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