Maths Knowledge Required for ML & DL

Dear All,
I started the course FDS with the intention to complete the subsequent courses in ML and DL. However, what i realized after going through the DL session access provided during this lock down period, is my mathematics knowledge is not sufficient to get hold on the subject.

Even though professor provide route for the participants without Maths knowledge, i like to put my efforts to learn the fundamentals again before the ML session starts next. I tried to check from the internet, but is too confusing as different sites provide multiple information’s.

I seen the guidance to refer to book "“Mathematics for Machine Learning by Marc Peter Deisenroth, A. Aldo Faisal, and Cheng Soon Ong.”. in this forum.

My question is what are the chapters we need to study and be through - For Example: Linear Algebra,

Thanks in Advance

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Saravanan Shanmugham

Hi @saravananshanmugham,
The last DL course was expecting students to know Class 12 mathematics, but this PadhAI One series will cover all the necessary concepts as well. Doing those courses would be sufficient.
In case you want to give it an early start, you can get started with the given sequence of chapters in the book. You can give special attention to Linear Algebra, Calculus and Probability to be particular.

Hi @Ishvinder
Thanks a lot for your quick response. Just wanted to be clear, Any specific sub-topics we need pay more attention.

However, I will start as you guided.

Thanks & Regards
Saravanan Shanmugham