Median for continuous data

In week 6 session, professor had explained that we cannot determine the exact median for continuous data. In the example of Sachin’s batting scores he said, the total elements were 452, so N being even we would find the class containing N/2 and N/2+1 position elements.
The interval was 20-30 as the cumulative Freq was 229.

Incase there is a data like below
Class intervals. Freq. C.freq
0-10. 15. 15
10-20. 5. 20
20-30. 10. 30
30-40. 20. 50
40-50. 10. 60

N=60, N/2=30 and N/2+1=31.

30th position item will be placed in 20-30 but 31st position item will be placed in 30-40.
So should we consider 30-40 as the median class or how do we consider?

As per the explained formula, and your calculations 30-40 would be the right answer for sure.

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Thanks for the clarification