ML and DL course schedule - PadhAI One

@Ishvinder - when the ML and new DL course will be starting?

Hi @srajsharma,
ML and DL courses will be followed by FDS course in this PadhAI One series, possibly by September.

Dear All,
I enrolled Data Science course as my starting point in this domain. I like to move on with Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

I assume we will have ML course starting after current Data Science course get concluded. If i remember correctly, it was planned to start some time in July 2020 in previous schedule. Since the overall flow of the course is disturbed by Covid-19, do we have a revised plan. It will be a great help if you could give planned road map for these courses.

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Saravanan Shanmugham

What do you mean by FDS?

Foundations of Data Science

The tentative dates as of now are Sept’20. Will keep you all updated on the forum.

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how different will be the DL sept’20 course from DL feb’19?

The detailed curriculum will be shared before the release of the course.

Is this for Foundation in Data Science

no it’s for Deep Learning and Machine Learning courses… curriculum for FDS is already there.

I bought the course of deep learning on guvi. Will I be able to join september co-hort at padai? or I need to pay again?

Yes, the fee was just for DL course, you need to pay for each course separately.

Hi ,

FDS course will complete mostly by August 20 .

So the plan for releasing ML/DL courses in September #20 still hold or any delay ?

Also is ML and DL course will be started parallel or one after other in schedule ?

Hi @ashoke.varma,
The FDS course will be over by September probably, and the plans for ML and DL course are tentative right now.
No, they won’t run parallely.