ML Course in dashboard

Hi, i have recently completed FDS, and like to continue with ML, but i couldn’t see available. Can see only DL course. Also, i came to know padhai students will be also gain access in guvi, is that true? If so, where is right place to continue ML, DL and AI courses. Please advise…

Hi @madhanav,
ML course has not been released yet.
No, PadhAI students will not be migrated to GUVI.

Hi Ishvinder, thanks for update. Can you please advise which platform is recommended to continue ML / DL courses, Padhai or guvi?

All the courses are launched on PadhAI, and once they’re out there, they rerun for a longer time on GUVI.
if you’re looking for early access, you can prefer PadhAI, and if you’re looking to access the course for a longer period, you can buy it on GUVI.

Hello Ishvinder,

Can you please tell me when will be ML course released on Padhai.

Hi Sandip,
As discussed in other threads, ML courses are planned to be released in June’21