Mode from a histogram

In measures of centrality for different types of distribution of the left skewed and the right skewed histogram sir said that the tallest bar contains the mode but while teaching calculation of mode from histogram he said that it is impossible for us to calculate if bin size is more than 1, there was also a same question posted by one of the students and the answer given was that it was due to data we had that said mode lies in the tallest bar than how was the discussion ended at saying it is almost true for left and right skewed histogram to have relation mode more than median more than mean and mean more than median more than mode respectively?

Hi @rushushah1999,

This statement refers to a histogram where we have a bin size of 1.

This is true, let’s say we have a histogram with bin size 2, and the tallest bar (height 10) might have two values occurring 5 times each.
Whereas if we have a bar of height 6, and all those occurrences belong to a single value.

I agree with your point, but the reason behind this is an observation from almost all left and right skewed data.
The fact that it’s almost true, and there can be exceptions as the bin size increases.

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Cool got your point, also thank you for a very quick reply to the question means a lot! :smile: