Need Help with Uniform Distributions

Regarding Assignment in Week-4 of FDS:
I have managed to list Long Tail Distributions in multiple domains:


Banking Services Vs No.of Customers(Savings Acc, Credit Cards, Loans, FD, RD, Demat, Mutual Funds, SGB, etc): Many Savings Acc Holders and less Demat, MF and SGB Investors


Product Vs No.Of Sales


Influencers Vs Popularity


Products Vs Number of Claims


Batsmen Vs Number Of Boundaries


Crops Vs Number of Places Grown

However struggling with Uniform Distributions. Has any1 completed this listing? Please share a few Uniform Distribution examples in domains.

Also please feel free to comment if my examples for Long Tail Distributions are correct

Hi @mbalaind,
Uniform Distribution is widely used in experiment of chance, like gambling, lottery, timeframe prediction of an event etc.

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