Next week did not open, even after completing the prerequisites of previous week

I have completed all the prerequisites of week 5 of my data science course but the videos of week 6 are still showing - “To move forward, please complete all prerequisites in Week 5: Python (continued)”.
Please help.

Please ensure you get a tick mark on each of the bullets right before the name of video.

Hi, I had a similar problem (with progressing from Week 1 to Week 2).

While the non-video content clearly has a button to COMPLETE & CONTINUE, there is nothing like that for the videos. I don’t know how to mark the videos as complete.

Could you help with this?

When the video gets over, there will be a popup over there which says continue.

I’m afraid I’m not getting any such pop-up.

Should I try watching the videos with any specific browser?

Can you share your credentials at
Will try to help you out


I am also facing the same issue for moving from week 5 to week 6. Even though I have complete the assignment I am not able to proceed ahead.
I am not able to get the tick mark for the Week 5 assignment Download.

Please help!

I am facing same issue while trying to move from week 17 to week 18. I have watched all the videos in week 17 but didn’t get tick marks against completed videos. For first two videos, I saw a continue button below the video and recieved tick mark against those videos but 3rd video onwards I didn’t see any continue button and no tick mark either. I have tick mark against mandatory quiz though. Please help

Hi @Gaurav_Upadhyay,
Can you please try the same using incognito mode, or some other device for a while?

Thanks Ishvinder! Chrome Incognito mode did the trick. I now have ticks against all completed videos

@Ishvinder - i am facing same issue again. I finished entire week 20 including feedback and moved to week 21. I watched first two videos of week 21 and then stopped. Next day, when I wanted to resume from third video, the system is saying that I have not completed all prerequisites for week 20. I went back to week 20 to check which item is incomplete. It is showing me that I have not finished the feedback. I am sure that I had completed the feedback and that is how I had progressed from week 20 to week 21.

I though that I will complete the feedback again but system is not loading the feedback page. I tried chrome incognito mode as well but it didn’t help this time. Could you please look into this

Sorry about this issue. It might have occurred because of traffic on our LMS.
Please report if this occurs often.

hello expert I have join the foundation of data science cource.I have completed all the lecture and quizes of week 2 part 1 but I am unable to go beyond this. it gives error as "To move forward, please complete all prerequisites in Week 2 - Part 1: Engineering Data Science Systems. it shows that “feddback: engineering data science” section has not get tick. but I had completed the feedback. I am trying to open this section but it is not showing anything. please help me.

I am still facing this issue after several days of trying. Can you please resolve it on priority. I am about to finish the course but held up because of this issue

Our LMS has some issue with the Feedback lessons. For now, we have made all the feedback lessons as optional. So, you should be able to continue the lessons.

And we will report this issue to our LMS so that it can be resolved soon.

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