Nifty50 tasks in pandas week

Sir, here high >105% should be considered as 5 percentile of low please reply sir as we can’t actually put 105 as a percentile in the quantile.

in the case of volatility, high is more than 105 percentage of low. It is not percentile which is perhaps what your confusion is about. In other terms it is more than 1.05 times low.

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Sir actually when I am applying the multiplication 1.05*(series) then every row is giving me false so the problem is if every row is volatile then how am I going to form classes of volatile and nonvolatile sir big confusion so please reply

Hi @shailjajain.cse, are you sure that all the rows are false?

Yes sir out of 245 rows… 244 rows are false which is quite not good

Sir can u please elaborate the meaning of 3 task in same

Regarding task 3, two datasets Nifty50 and NiftyNext50 are to be used for the same days. Taking it into consideration each day can be classified as either volatile or non volatile in each dataset. So we have a combination of volatile (Nifty50) - volatile (NiftyNext50), volatile (Nifty50) - non volatile (NiftyNext50), non volatile - volatile and non volatile - non volatile.

You need to count the number of days in each category.

Hope this helps!!

Regarding your previous query, could you please share the data being used by you?