NOAA ESRL Climate dataset python problem

Hello everyone, I am new to python and got class assignment from college. Please help me to figure out the problem. The dataset files are given below:

Problem to solve is:

  • Calculate nino1+2, nino3, nino4, and nino3.4 indices for the period of data availability?
  • Methodology given -Nino X Index computation
    • (a) Compute area averaged total SST from Niño X region;
    • (b) Compute monthly climatology (e.g., 1950-1979) for area averaged total SST from Niño X region, and subtract climatology from area averaged total SST time series to obtain anomalies;
    • © Smooth the anomalies with a 5-month running mean;
    • (d) Normalize the smoothed values by its standard deviation over the climatological period.

Did anyone tried this problem?