Not able to access the video course even after paying for the course,

I have enrolled for the course and paid the fees on 17th March, 2020. Now, I am able to login successfully, but after login, it shows not “No enrolled courses found.”
Please solve the issue.

Hi Ankit

Please try the following steps

  1. Clearing your browser’s cookies and logging in once again
  2. Disable any VPN services that you might be using
  3. Switch internet connections

In addition to this, please send me a personal message here with your registered PadhAI email ID and I will check if there are any issues on our end. You can message me by clicking my name and pressing the “Send Message” button.

Hello Sir, my registered email id is

HI Ankit,

After checking our records, I found that you had made a typo when providing your email ID. I have corrected it and you should be able to access the course now with the email ID

I am facing similar issue , though i paid i paid the fees on 23rd March. but when i tried to check the course material it directs me to window to join It shows no course enrolled. Pls support.


I’ve paid my fees but i’m not able to find any video content or course. The enire thing is very confusing. Please support.

mail id :

I checked our backend DB. You’re enrolled to the Foundations of Data Science course. What is confusing you?

I apologize for the trouble. I was not able to log in even after my password was correct…but then i reset my password and now it is working. Thank you for your help. :+1: