Not able to open video

Week four video ## How to describe relationship between variables? Scatter Plots is not open. Please help


I am facing the same issue. Scatterplot video doesn’t play. I tried changing browsers and signing in again. Still the problem hasn’t solved


I have checked out that particular video on Scatter plots and it seems to be opening fine for me.
Could you try the following steps

  1. Open your browser’s settings and clear cache and cookies.
  2. Disable any VPN you might be using.
  3. Sign in to again.
  4. Try accessing that particular video.

If this doesn’t work, please send me a screenshot of what you see on the Scatter Plot’s in ML video screen.

still not opening.Its just a blank Screen

Unable to open it ,i also mailed them but didn’t got any reply ,due to this i am unable to proceed to the next course please look into the. Matter tried all browser or laptop as well as mobile

I tried doing all of the four things mentioned above but still I cannot view it. I cannot go to week 5 as it shows that I have not completed the prerequisite scatter plot video.
Screenshot (65)|690x373

Use via browser ,i just completed it

I am using a browser! In fact I also tried with different browsers

No you didn’t got it ,its the name of browser ‘via’ search it on playstore and then use it to play that video

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It works ! Thanks bro

Thanks! That works. I’m afraid I misunderstood you the first time :+1: