Not able to see the 1st contest (Classification using MP Neuron/Perceptron models) files

The files in the kaggle account won’t show up for this contest. I am attaching the screenshot for your reference. I wanted to understand whether the course is curated for the recent batch. I can understand the mentor in the video talking about the release of the contest at the 1st time/batch; however, the contest is showing closed a year back doesn’t make sense if the course is curated for current batch.

Also showing the screenshot where the contest is showing to be closed a year back.

Hi @mishramarnath,
The dataset is there, it’s just a matter of challenge that we deliberately pushed in the contest, so that you can search a bit and correct the path of the dataset to load it.

If the data is there, why would it say “Error loading table: jwe cannot be null” upon clicking the data files on the right panel? Also, I am entirely new to the kaggle platform (and the NN series). I would rather keep the focus on the learning part of the concepts here (than to get into a searching puzzle as pointed by you).

Hi @mishramarnath,
Loading data into an environment is also one of the most basic and essential tasks while getting started to any sort of competition.
Data is present in the competition (refer to the below attatched screenshot), it’s not a puzzle, just a deliberated task. If you’re somehow not able to complete it, please look at the path of files using !ls -l command, or simply open the data tab after clicking on the invite link.

1st thing - I don’t see any invite link shown on the kaggle page for this contest. Refer my screenshot sent earlier - it says (for me) that the contest is closed a year back.
I am not denying to not get into the data sourcing activity, never said that. It is just that you haven’t looked into the underlying problem - which is that the contest shows to be disabled or closed for me.

Take a look at this screenshot and please tell me where is my invitation link.

Please check the descriptions in the course lessons to get the invitation link for the contests.


Got it…thanks!