NSA Python Training - A good resource for learning Python

NSA Python Training - A good resource for learning Python

Hello Everyone,
For the past couple of months i am going through various courses and tutorials for Python. There is a bunch of content available but the problem is that one can get lost in what to follow. The link provided below is the link of python programming course book/material from National Security Agency (NSA), USA. I found the course work amazing just because it assumes that you know nothing about python or coding in general. My friend from a commerce background is working through the course and i can safely say that it is really good material as i can see the improvements in her python and logic development skills. I hope the same works for you.


Some parts of the book are redacted as it was for internal use only and contained sensitive information i guess.

@Akshay Thanks for sharing the book. Indeed, valuable.

@PadhAI @PadhAI-Team please add this in the master resource list under python.

There are no working links and assignment links in this, i think we can find better resources than this. But it does contain a list of books to refer to, that list might be helpful.

Below the document, there are download links for the document. The document contains exercises at the end of each chapter after the explanation. Maybe I misunderstood your question here, i am not sure.

This may be like a peeled off banana.

I will suggest the PDF with Text option in downloads as it is 55 MB instead of 117 MB. Furthermore, it is OCRed already.


Thanks for sharing, its valuable