Open: Apply for internships at One Fourth Labs


Apart from teaching courses at PadhAI, we at One Fourth Labs are building some cool AI solutions. We are looking for interns to help build these solutions.

At the moment, we have one position each for the following two roles:

  1. Front-end web development intern - Apply here
  2. Android development intern - Apply here

These positions are available as of now and until the end of the summer. The location will be IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai.

You can apply by filling the above forms. Please ensure that your LinkedIn has all details as that of your resume.


Can students outside the forum apply for the roles?

Yes, any eligible student currently pursuing their final year of graduation can apply.
The internship will be for 3-4 months.

Professor Pratyush sir, I am working as Assistant professor in the department of mathematics . May I apply for this internship ?

I am very much interested sir to do something in the real time application…

When will the internship starts.

Hi Sir, Is there any real time application in ML or AI where a professional from other domain who is currently pursuing this curse can work or practise. It could really help him to switch his or her job.