Order History - no details found

Hi Team,

I am unable to find any details under Order history - I am currently participating in the FDS course and I enrolled in March 2020. I would like to see the order details as well as the expiry date (I understand it is extended till May 31st for everyone erolled for FDS course).

Could you please have a look and check if my enrollment is properly registered and that after completion, I would be receiving a certificate?

Note: I have been having some issues in loading the video content for past few days (some interruption, fast forwarding the video without audio automatically etc.) Wondering if this has something to do with my order details missing from the Order history.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Padhai Team,

I need GST bill, can you pls share it me immediately.

order id is empty in ui

Also i need to submit for tax proof.

It’s not possible to integrate order history with the payment service in our LMS. So, order history won’t have the details.

Your enrolment is properly registered. The issues you’re facing might be due to your internet connection I think.

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There is no such issue with my internet, it is empty in your site, what preventing you to share gst receipt from your team?

For sharing gst receipt how does it relate to LMS.

Hi @mc_raj4u

That reply was not for you. I have replied to you on another thread.

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pls share your GST number iand bill asap, my last date is tomorrow.

i requested almost 10 times to share gst bill to padhai team. They are not sending at all.

i am not sure why they are not sending.

Hi Raju,
We don’t have the access to taxation related things, request you to please send an email to account@onefourthlabs.com for these queries.
Hope you understand.

Hi Ishvinder,

For sending GST invoice bill what kind of taxation details you need?

i sent mail almost 6 times to mentioned account@onefourthlabs.com. They did not reply, i am thinking they are not exists.

Thk finally received…