Other Sources Than PAdhai

Hye, Is there are any other additional sources than which is important to learn other than These courses. Videos or pdf and I think the pandas were not taught well or should have more content on that. Can you suggest some good source for that. Thank you.

Mathematical part is taught well not the programming part they have just confused us !!!they could have solved kaggle problems and interview data science problems ….We cant even describe what are we actually learning how do you feel?

It is clearly mentioned in start itself learner should aware of probability, differentiation/integration concepts. After completing more than 50% course I echo above and in addition to that we should know central limit theorem(although it is explained in course), permutation & combination as well.

My view on this course is. It is best course I am attending. Before enrolling to these course I attended other course and gone through different institute courses. I doubt people know the actual concept. While when you go through these course you will come to know granularity details and how actually you can learn data science. This course is actually telling students that your foundation should be strong.

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brother,know doubt it is a great course but ….its lengthy and maths is easy for me but programming part many things are taught and not explained in a clear manner

Hi Raihan, Thanks for the feedback, we’ll try to improve.
Please note that a typical course on Data Science focuses on Statistics, as we didn’t have enough bandwidth to stretch the course further to teach programming fundamentals. We’ll try to cover them in upcoming plans.