Outliers information inside of Violin plot

Sir explained here that viloin plot does not give information about outliers as in case of box plot, but the part of the graph after the line inside the violin plot depicts some points lying outside the whiskers.

Which of the insight is correct?

Hi @rushushah1999,
Yes, but this detail about outliers in violin plot is of no use, as it does not shows the outlier points at all, which we’re interested in.
Please refer Violin Plots 101: Visualizing Distribution and Probability Density for better understanding.


Thank you @Ishvinder

In continuation with the discussion I would like to say that even though as mentioned the Violin Plot does not specifically point out individual outliers, it gives a pretty good picture of the availability and the range, density etc. of such outliers. And I think this feature of Violin Plots shouldn’t be suppressed.
Just as even though it doesn’t tell us about the frequency of median but locates it we doesn’t disregard what it already provides to us.