PadhAI DL Curriculum Links and Information

Basic Details / FAQ:

  1. Completely online and self-paced course
  2. Categories of registrations: (Anyone can join)
    i. Academicians (Students/Faculties/Researchers)
    ii. Non-Academicians (Working professionals, passed-outs & others)
  3. 3-month course (12 weeks) - extra 2 weeks for final project
  4. Includes quiz at lesson-level.
  5. Includes both practical and theory lessons
  6. Pre-recorded course and DL course currently hosted only on Guvi
  7. This is not a Machine Learning course (which will be released only in 2021)

Important Links:

… for more general DL Resources.


In case you are looking for a free & fully theoretical course on DL :

Deep Learning by Mitesh Khapra - IIT Madras 2018:
CS7015 Part 1 Videos
CS7015 Part 2 Videos
Syllabus & Materials

This is an old archived IIT-M’s course, and contains no practical sessions.
Ofcourse no certificates.

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