Pages without content

The Week 11 : Break till Week 19 : Linear Regression is open yet doesn’t have content.

Here is the page for the Week 11: Break :

Admins Please look into the matter.

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The course is on a break due to COVID. It has been promised that it would resume soon (mostly by the end of this week). Check the announcement posts to stay informed about the course.

@kishanraj, the above Screenshot seemed to have an error since the lessons after the break are also unlocked, and don’t have content.

Hi @Bilal_Aamer,
It’s just a placeholder, and the content is not yet uploaded from our end. By the time we upload it, it will appear here.
@kishanraj, The COVID break is over now, and we have started recording the lectures, please check the course dashboard.


Thanks for the information @Ishvinder feeling excited.