Pandas and its teaching module

Has anyone feel the teaching was not upto the mark for few videos in pandas and numpy modules and its too confusing t understand it easily

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Hi @RaihanIqbal_085,
Thanks for the feedback, we’ll try to take your points for the next time.
Can you please be a bit more specific about what can be improved?

If it’s something related to covering breadth, then it’s a matter of practice on several datasets that you can do on Kaggle. You can get back to us if you face any problems over there.

First of all nothing against you guys aprreciate your hardwork.These are my views or what i feel should be improved.

1)Lack of revision notes.The modules are too long and videos are too long .Like the person has to sit with all the dedication in the world.pleasee keep the videos till maximum 20 mins.

2)No real implementation of kaggle problems or guide on how you actually can particpate in kaggle.

3)No real time project developed.

4)The person taking this course should be good at python.even though there is python module.I find it not complete.The instructor according to me has done a bad job in teaching it in a effective manner

5)please include doubt resolution feature while watching the videos.

6)personally i do not find the course complete :

6.1)No microsoft excel is taught

6.2)tableau or power bi is not taught

6.3)How to handle large data is not taught

6.4)The teaching quality has dropped after the lockdown

6.5)complete pipeline how a data scientist works is not at all taught.So this is not a complete data science course

6.6)Please suggest how to continue further.

7)Feed back is taken but no one gets back one he or she doent understand.

Hi @RaihanIqbal_08,
Thanks for such a detailed feedback! :slight_smile:

We will try to improve over the video timeframe, kaggle competitions and project work part in upcoming courses.

As discussed in the initial videos, Prof Pratyush had already said that you may require some efforts from your end to get better in python as it’s not a python course.

This discussion forum is there just for doubt resolutions, one can feel free to post anything related but not limited to our courses here.

The main focus of this course was primarily on mathematical foundations of data science, and i feel Excel, Tableu, Big Data are tools and technologies which do not come into an intersection with the topics taught in this course.

We have noted your points, and will surely try to improve for the upcoming courses.

I think theses feedbacks are little too much of expectation from one single course. my personal experience and I come with 20 + years of IT experience is this is the one of the best online courses on Data Science ,no other courses matches with these courses. and I am not even talking on cost of the course . important thing is we are able to learn so many things , my only wish is keep the access to these courses as long as possible. I had given an idea on that in separate discussion thread.


See Sir,appreciate your view.But IT industry does not requires perfection in one if a data science post is empty they don’t give it to freshers and ask alll the questions rigght from maths to visualization ,cloud,docker,DevOps.So student expect all the tings.I know that it is a foundation course but still.I love how mathematics is taught here