Perceptrom model error

i got an error which i couldnt solve while making a simple perceptron model.I need help to clarify this error and sove it
error screen shot

program in google collab screeen shot


Hi @amalmathew1101,
Please refer this

i tried but ,didnt work even i get another error

This is occuring while printing the loss, use list(accuracy.values()) while plotting the loss.

getting same error

Can you expand those 8 hidden frames in the error


this is the 8 frames in error ,pls help

The error is from that plotting cell, please rerun whole class before running the function call cell.

i did the same many times,i tried,same error no difference

Please do it again, if that was the case there must be the reflection in the error for the code that you have changed.
Just rerun each and every cell right from the first one.SmartSelect_20200327-234204_Chrome

i tried what u said it didnt work,
im providing my google collab notebook link with the complete code.pls rectify error and help me

pls rectify errors in the above notebook and send back a perceptron program errorless notebook

I can clearly see in the shared notebook that you have not used list(accuracy.values())
I added it and the code was running properly.

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Thank you for your help

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