Perceptron Toy Example

Hey mentors
It’s regarding the toy example. The explanation which sir gives and the algorithm given doesn’t match at all. Though I read the Erratum but didn’t got the point at all. For example, when
x1 = 5 and x2 = 10 being y(label) = 1,
shouldn’t this lie in if block where w = w - x

I am highly confused in this example so please elaborate that is this all about.

Hi @kaustubhgupta1828,
Can you please share a screenshot of which instance are you referring to

I think the Erratum and explanation is confusing me.

In the first two lines of the algorithm, it says what P and N refers to, from the example where x1=5, x2=10, label=1 we can say this example belongs to set ‘P’.
Thus, the first if condition will be true, not the second one.

Talking about the errata, In the algorithm, ‘b’ was not considered, so it’s just a correction for bias.

Yes I got the point and after watching the video again, I realized where I went wrong.

Thanks for clarifying!

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