Pre-requisites for Deep Learning Course (if I already know Data Science)

I have just completed week 8 of FDS and got enrolled in the DL course. I am presently a first year maths hons. student and have no more python programming experience than that taught in these 8 weeks, though I have been completely following all the material in FDS course. I looked at the course structure of DL and, frankly speaking, got quite intimidated by the terminologies used as I have no prior experience in this field.I just wanted to ask if I shall be able to follow the course now? Or do I need to study some prerequisites to understand the course. If so, please suggest from where?

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Hey Prassanna,

As a first year student, even I was in your shoes, having Python knowledge (little to none btw) only taught in the FDS course. However, the DL course, on viewing the syllabus and topics does look and sound intimidating. I assure you with enough practice and hands-on sessions you won’t need much of external reference.

Hope you find this helpful

–Bilal Aamer

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As per my experience Padhai team prepare DL course in such a way that very little prior knowlagde required and any body with a will to learn DL are able to understand concept metioned and tools used in this course.

I realy like the way they deliver mathamatical portion in a very easy way. I completed DL Course till 11th week i never come across any python code which i am not able to understand because they also provide python in DL course and i already learnd python in data science course.

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Where to enroll for DL course
Can u send the link

Hey @muthu,

Ifyou are enrolled for the FDS course already it is unlockable after the completion of Week 8.

The link to the form to acess the DL-19 course is here.

Hope this was helpful.

@prassannanandjha1 don’t worry about python. just do it and look for the patterns in the code and the problems. also you can ask your questions here and lot of guys are here going through the same problem and finding solutions also. the key part is “don’t be discouraged”. Make it chunks and learn from it. But also I encourage you to Learn More about Python and it’s Libraries that helps Data Scientists and Deep Learning Practitioners.