Prerequisites for "Foundations of Data Science" course

Sir, in Week 1 Lesssons - “The Path to Data Science” Lecture of the FDS course the below
prerequisites were mentioned :

  1. Python
  2. DataBases, Datawarehouses, Queries like “Select, Update, Insert”

So, I have a few doubts about them Sir.

About Point 1 :
Is it suggestible that I pause the course for a while & learn Python & then restart the course?
Or Python is covered from Week 2 on wards??

About Point 2 :
To cover the concepts in the point 2 mentioned above, should I learn SQL & MongoDB - before
proceeding to Week 2 course ?

Please guide Sir.
Thank you.

Hi @Chandra,

  1. Python is covered in this course, therefore it is fine to continue with python as you move along with this data science course itself.

  2. No, it is not required (but learning SQL is recommended for a data scientist)

Thank you for the quick revert Sir.

Will follow the advice for sure.