Problem in understanding deep learning codes

hey everyone, in deep learning course theory part is great but in the hands-on session, i feel that insturctor is just rushing things , i can’t grasp the coding part clearly , after watching 2 to 3 times still facing problem in understanding code , can anyone help me for alternative resources or any tips to make things clear.

no doubt theory sessions are great but hands- on session isn’t upto the mark

Thanks for the feedback.
Can you please share the name of specific topic you’re stuck upon, would try to help.
As an alternative, you can try out Fast.AI course for Deep Learning.

Hey ishvinder thanks for responding i am facing problem after ML flow hands on sessions ml flow , and in RNN LSTM GRU . Theory part was great but in hands on it’s hard to understand code , coding part was great in FDS course where we can follow Along with the instructor but in deep learning pre written code is hard to understand