Python Book for Beginners

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Wishing you a great start with this Foundations of Data Science course.
For those who are getting started with Python especially for Data Science, and need some reference material to know more about the programming language, can refer to this book right here:
Python Data Science HandBook



can we have a PDF copy please as attachment…

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So looks like we need to setup python and jupyter notebook to run sample code in this book. what version of these software you suggest pls.

you can use google colab instead. It has everything pre-installed.
Sir will introduce to this soon.


yes please provide pdf for python data science handbook

I can suggest that you can go for Anaconda Navigator.
So that you can get great collection of package

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If you want a book from a webpage, I found this chrome plugin really helpful

Create your own epub book.


If you want a ready to use platform, you can use Google Colab, or else installing Jupyter Notebook is recommended.

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Thanks for the info dude :+1:

Hello All,
I came across this today. Perhaps it might of help to some of us.

–regards, Praveen

You can download it fom here


This one is not an open licensed book hence the pdf cannot be shared publicly… though you can use a similar extension to the one shared by @pinani

Thanks Ishvinder… Could you also suggest a video tutorial for the same?


Hi @vivbsam, this course is going to cover all the needed aspects.

hehe sorry, next time will share only open source ones :slight_smile:

Thanks @eddienishantđź‘Ť

If you are a Beginner , try watching his Videos , it covers all Python Frameworks!! From web to Data Science , you can Brush up… :slight_smile:


Udemy has very good online courses on Python.

Download from here: