Python Modules vs Packages vs Library

Can someone please help me differentiate between the Module & Package in python? I am confused about these 2 terms and want someone to help me out. can you tell me is Numpy 0r Pandas are module or package or Library. I am confused about these terms.

A module is a single “.py” file or a script… for example let’s say there’s a script for reading .csv files in pandas, we’ll call it a module.

A package is a collection of modules, so as to keep them in a structured order.

A Library is what we call a package when it gets published, and anyone can download it, install it and then use it.

Can you give some examples of module and package so that I can understand in better way. Since I am beginner in programming background. Is Matplotlib, seaborn, numpy, pandas are module?

For a better understanding of the difference between Module and Packages, please go through the below link.

They all are published packages… hence we call them library.
Let’s say we need some data to be scrapped from a website, and we write a python script for this task. We will call this as a module.
Whereas suppose we need to create a report from that scraped data and to make such reports we’ve a python script named which will be called as a package.