Python vs Core Python on PluralSight

im planning to upgrade my Python knowledge, when i browsed through pluralsight i found two pathways. Could you please help on choosing the ideal for machine learning between the two.

I checked the syllabus of the 2 courses.
I think it’s better to go with the Core-Python course if you have to choose 1 between the 2.

Because the plain Python course seems pretty basic.
So basic that, we cover more Python in our DL/DS courses than that course.

Though 1 or 2 modules in the Core-Python course might be a bit too much for Machine Learning, it’s nevertheless good to always know a bit more!

Just my view; you can also take the opinions of others too :slight_smile:


The best trainer on this planet for Python is Fred Baptis,

you can take his deep dive course on python in udemy

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