PyTorch in local machine - WinError: The specified module could not be found

hello sir .
i am continuously getting the error .
i have intalled pytorch and have run all the command stated in lecture but i am not able to find solution,pleasesuggest me some concrete solution .

The error shows that some DLL is missing.
Have you installed CUDA and CuDNN for Windows?
If not, please do it first.

hi it is installed already.

hello sir
1st screenshot show pytorch version cuda and cudnn.

2nd shows
the error .

please suggest me solution .

That’s just the build_name of the PyTorch package that you installed using pip or conda.
You will have to separately download CUDA & CuDNN and install them.

As the build name indicates, you’re supposed to be having CUDA 10.2 and CuDNN 7.0 installed.
Install those versions on your Windows.

Download CUDA from here and install the .exe :

For CuDNN, follow the steps in the CuDNN section of this article: