Quantile vs percentile

’ ’ ’ If quantile is 20% of data,how is 50th percentile is equivalent to Q2.? ’ ’ ’

Hi @leel438,
Can you please describe your question a bit more, and what’s the source of this question?

Q2 here might be referring to quartile (not quintile or quantile)

quantile, quartile and quintile are similar sounding but different terms.


I am going through w7 descriptive statistics- measures of spread .
I am confuesed with I Q R concept. Could you kindly provide info

If you know what Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4 means. Then you can calculate all four Quartiles.
The Inter Quartiles Range is a measure of where the “Middle Fifty” is in a given data set. It signifies the measure of where the bulk of values lie.
Or in percentile language, it shows the range of Data that is greater than 25% of values in a data set and less than 75% of values in a data set.